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Credit Application

  • Bank Reference

  • Trade Credit Reference

  • Officers/Principals of Company

  • PURCHASES: I agree that all invoices must be paid in full on or before the 10th day following data of invoice. To induce prompt payment of the purchase price, a servioe charge In the amount of 1 1/2 per month (18% APR) of the amount due shall be paid by the purchaser.

    ATTORNEY FEES: I agree that if this open account Is past due and placed In the hands of an attorney for collection to pay such additional sum as reasonable attorneys' fees for collection assistance whether or not a suit or action is instituted, and If a suit or action is instituted to collect any past due amounts. I agree to pay such additional sum as may be adjudged as reasonable attorneys' fees by the appropriate trial or appellate count.

    I warrant the information shown above to be true. I authorise the person to whom this application is submitted to investigate the references herein statements, or other data obtained from me or from any other person pertaining to my credit and financial reaponolbIllty,

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