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10 Wheelers

Lakeside Specialized Transportation is at your service for any heavy haul transportation, excavation removal, asphalt & dirt hauling, water truck usage, and many more services. Our Peterbilt trucks are top of the line as well as serviced everyday by our personal service technicians.

LST is proud to be Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association members in which we offer special services, and pricing to other members.

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10 Wheelers

Capacity: 12 tons on 10 wheelers or 10 to 12 tons super dumps.

Features: Excellent for tight locations, and onsite relocation.

Fleet: 8-10 wheelers and 6 super dumps.

Used for: Applications where you need a durable truck for transporting, or any heavy materials hauling.

Water Trucks

Capacity: 4000 Gallons

Features: All trucks have on board spray cannons.

Fleet: 1 State of the art water truck.

Used for: Self-loading water trucks for all applications.

Low Beds

Lakeside Specialized Transportation has been around in the heavy haul industry for over 30 years. Our teams of heavy haulers are top of the line with years of experience.
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16-Tire RGN

5 qty

Capacity: 47 tons

Used for: D8’s, excavators, equipment rental, mining, road construction.

Step Deck Trailers

2 qty

Details:48′ step deck trailers

Capacity: 25 tons

Used for: hauling general freight & construction.

Landall-Style – Equipment Recovery Trailers

3 qty

Details: Sliding axle

Capacity: 20 tons

Used for: Loading dead equipment – “winches on-board”.

Double Drop Semi Trailers – RGN

2 qty

Details:28 feet of well (expandable up to 50′ of well)
2 or 3 axle configuration/capable.

Capacity: 20-30 tons (Depending on axle).

Used for:Over height loads, and low to the ground.

9- Axel Heavy-Haul Equipment Trailers

2 qty

Details: Steerable & expandable capacity also has a triple 16 steerable low beds.

Capacity: 87.5 tons

Used for: Moving D10 Earth moving equipment, cranes, and transformers.

End & Belly Dump

Capacity: 20 tons on a 5 axle and 25 tons on a 6 axle.

Features: 5 or 6 axel end dumps. Optional barn door or 50 cubic yard high side end dumps for different applications.

Fleet: 35 trucks

Used for: 5th wheel tractor pulls for hauling or moving most anything.

Belly Dump (Bottom Dump)

Capacity: 40-ton capacity (22 tons on California semi’s)

Fleet: 30 trains – with semi’s – California certified/legal for transport.

Used for hauling: base rock, thin materials, large weight, but no demo or oversize.


Capacity: Triple transfer holds 40 to 42 tons, and our double transfers hold 22 to 24 tons.

Features: These trucks can go from a single transfer all the way to a triple. The triple transfer can only be used in Nevada.

Fleet: 4 triple transfers, and 4 double transfers.

Used for: Any type of rock, sand, and asphalt.

Flat Beds

Capacity: 25 tons

Fleet: Total of 25 flat beds.

Used for: Transporting any equipment that is being loaded by forklift or crane.

Pilot Cars

Fleet: 4 available cars.

Features: Mobile support, light service, maintenance on board, and height pole capable on all cars.

Special Services- Chains

Weather in the Sierras is unpredictable to say the least, and long haul truckers can be easily caught off guard by fast moving storms. LST understands this and we’re here to help.
Since LST location is near the sierras, our Verdi center has become a trusted source for tire chains for trucks and trailers of all sizes.

If you find yourself in need of help or if you simply want to see if we stock chains for your configuration. Contact LST at (775) 345-6900

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