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Low Beds

Lakeside Specialized Transportation

Lakeside Specialized Transportation has been around in the heavy haul industry for over 30 years. Our teams of heavy haulers are top of the line with years of experience.
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16-Tire RGN

5 qty

Capacity: 47 tons

Used for: D8’s, excavators, equipment rental, mining, road construction.

Step Deck Trailers

2 qty

Details:48′ step deck trailers

Capacity: 25 tons

Used for: hauling general freight & construction.

Landall-Style – Equipment Recovery Trailers

3 qty

Details: Sliding axle

Capacity: 20 tons

Used for: Loading dead equipment – “winches on-board”.

Double Drop Semi Trailers – RGN

2 qty

Details:28 feet of well (expandable up to 50′ of well)
2 or 3 axle configuration/capable.

Capacity: 20-30 tons (Depending on axle).

Used for:Over height loads, and low to the ground.

9- Axel Heavy-Haul Equipment Trailers

2 qty

Details: Steerable & expandable capacity also has a triple 16 steerable low beds.

Capacity: 87.5 tons

Used for: Moving D10 Earth moving equipment, cranes, and transformers.

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